First Heidi’s® campaign
successful in retail

Altusried / Allgäu, November 2020

In June, the Hiedl company presented the brand new marketing concept for the Erica line “Heidi’s® – Colour your Nature!“. The colourful varieties in the sustainable culture pot were very well received. For the first deliveries with the new concept, interested national and international marketing partners were sought and found. The initiative was directly supported by the Association of German Garden Centers e.V.. The managing director Peter Botz, who recently retired due to old age, commented: “Erica are on the rise again! The young generation is completely unreserved here. A huge market, new products are very welcome.” Around 50 specialist garden centers were supplied with Heidi’s® from the end of September via EPS GmbH in Kevelaer. Bastian Engler, EPS: “The goods were definitely very good. In the next year, Heidi’s® will also be produced significantly in the Niederrhein region. We will therefore serve our customers with local production."

Heidi’s® were also able to score in foreign countries. Sample quantities had been ordered both in Switzerland from COOP and in Austria from the Bellaflora garden centers. Sabine Hiedl: "We are very pleased that we can revitalize the Erica market with our breeding and the appropriate marketing concept." In addition to special colours and two-tone designs, Heidi’s® are characterized by their strong colour effect. The early varieties in particular offer bees and other pollinators an attractive food supply at a time when many food plants have long withered.

With new crossings and selections, the Allgäu heather company Hiedl is aiming to extend the classic marketing period for the Erica so that in future a spectacular range of colours will be available to marketers from the end of August to the end of October. Particularly noticeable new breeds are Calimero and Balu.