Up to 100.000 bell-shaped blossoms from a single plant reflect the autumn sun in a bright mix of red, pink, white, yellow and orange. – Colour your Nature!

Bowl / pot / window box / flower bed / cemetery / indoors

Can tolerate temperatures as low as -5 °C (23° F). All locations are suitable.
The more protected the location, the better.
Colours shine brightest in sunny spots.

Keep roots moist, however avoid over-watering.

Depending on weather conditions, flowers can last until late winter.

The plants do not require any fertilizer.

Remove the heather from the pot and dip the roots thoroughly in water. Loosen up the planting area well. Dig a hole deep enough that you can add 0.5 cm of garden soil to cover the roots. Tamp down the soil well and then water generously.