New Heidi's® variety 'Peaches' from flowering year 2023

Altusried / Allgäu, January 2023

The "Heidi's" range will be supplemented by another variety and thus offers even more choice and variety for retailers and consumers.

The new variety 'Peaches' is one of the mid-flowering varieties and flowers from mid of September to mid of October.

The name 'Peaches' is no coincidence. The variety has an unusual flower color for an Erica gracilis - peach-colored. But that's not all: This strain also changes its flower color from peach to light pink over time.

The other character traits are typical of "Heidi's": Flask-shaped, upright growth and long flower life.

Who is already convinced of 'Peaches'?! The bees and bumblebees. Thanks to the open flowers, the new variety offers them a tasty source of food.

Keep an eye out for "Heidi's" in autumn and be enchanted by the play of colors of the "Peaches".